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Travelgroup International Customizes Trips


We don't just gain new customers, we earn them  How do we earn them? We  earn their trust.  Trust that we will handle their travel needs.  Trust  that we know their preferences and likes. We know which flights to book  them on, which hotel rooms to reserve, what types of transportation  they prefer, what food preferences they have, what special requirements  they have and any assistance needed. Our agents are industry veterans,  and know how to get you the type of travel that you not only need, but that you deserve.  Ask us how we can create a custom travel experience  designed specifically for you.

Travelgroup International Books Exotic Locations

Exotic Locations

Are you ready for your dream vacation?  TGI can arrange trips to the most exotic locations both near and far.

Travelgroup International books Safaris

Unique Experiences

Have you ever thought about an African Safari? If you are ready to explore your next adventure, let us create it for you.